BoXo TitanSafe from Marten®Now Including Titan One Dongle


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BoXo Marten® TitanSafe assembled using

U3054 Classic Corpus 150mmx70mmx45mm
U3000 Classic Front Panel
U3002 Classic Twin D-Type Front Panel
Neutrik  NA3FDM XLR Female-Male Feedtrough Chassis Adapter
Neutrik  NAUSB-W-B USB Adaptor Black Reversible A to B D/Chassis

Avolites Titan One Dongle Now Included

To fit Titan One unscrew front panel plug in Titan One and its 5 Pin to 3 Pin XLR convertor, insert Titan One into the BoXo so that the XLR cable sits on the top of the internals

Titan One Dongle- the Cost Effective Solution for Every Lighting Application

Fast and Intuitive control of intelligent lighting, Dimmers and LED effects from one on screen console. Titan One DMX USB Dongle allows the user to output one line of DMX with the full functionality of Avolites Titan Software. Access powerful features such as Pixelmapper, Quicksketch, Media Clip Select, Attribute Control-Blades and Shape Generator. Titan One allows you unlimited usage which gives you uninterrupted programming and playback time.

Main Features

Fast and Intuitive control
Controls intelligent lighting, Dimmers and LED effects
Output one line of DMX with functionality of Avolites Titan Software
Access powerful features such as:
Pixelmapper, Quicksketch, Media Clip Select, Shape Generator
Unlimited usage for uninterrupted programming and playback time

Additional information

3/5 Pin With/Without Dongle

3 Pin With Dongle, 3 Pin Without Dongle, 5 Pin With Dongle, 5 Pin Without