Marten® Neutrik PowerCON NAC3FCB to IEC C13 1.5mm White PVC Cable


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Neutrik PowerCON NAC3FCB

‘Powercon’ offers 20 amp rating in a secure-locking, compact housing, and meets all current safety standards. The series offers a 3-pole connection, with pre-mating earth connection and compact design (the series shares many body components with the ‘Speakon’ twist-lock loudspeaker connector, though naturally is totally incompatible!). The secure Neutrik strain-relief chuck cable strain relief accepts cables 5-15mm diameter, and the locking is by the twistlock principle with metal latch (as on current ‘Speakon’ connectors).

Cable connectors have screw terminals (max. wire size 4mm), panel connectors have ‘Faston’ 4.8 ×0.5mm ‘spade’ terminals. NAC3MP panel connectors have plain mounting holes and are airtight. The -WOT variants are without the terminal barrier, for use with larger insulated spade terminal receptacles.

The series has two variants, the A (inlet) and B (outlet) types. Both are similar but have different keying to prevent mismating and are different colours. This means it is impossible to produce a short circuit with correctly wired connectors.

Type A is for power inlet, and is colour coded blue (equivalent in function to IEC320 cable female and panel male). Type B is for power outlet and is colour coded grey (equivalent in function to IEC320 panel female and cable male).

1.5mm 3 Core White PVC

3 Core Plain Annealed Copper Wire, PVC Insulation, PVC Sheath
Power supply wire, suitable for indoor small electrical instrument, or general in portable tool
Insulation Sheath material : PVC
Insulation Colour : Blue, Brown, Yellow/Green Stripe
Voltage Test : Core to Core : 1,500V AC / 1min
Voltage Rating : 300/500V
Operating Temperature : -15°C to +70°C

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0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m




White PVC

Cable Size


Connector A

Neutrik PowerCON NAC3FCB

Connector B

Kaiser 749 IEC C13 10a

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